What is Pilates Therapy.

A well-trained Pilates Teacher has exceptional abilities in observing and teaching movement. By incorporating objective screens, manual skills and other techniques when working with our clients, we create a special recipe for helping to resolve issues.

The combination of good quality movement (Pilates) along with application of manual techniques (Therapy) can contribute towards resolving dysfunctional movement patterns and ultimately by changing these patterns we can help to reduce pain and the risk of injuries.

Movement and Stability…

Pilates has always been about improving the quality of movement while challenging stability. Most rehabilitation focuses on treating the injury – Yet true rehabilitation seeks to understand why the injury happened in the first place.

Prevention starts with identifying imbalances and the causes of those imbalances before they manifest into pain.

For years, medical practitioners refer patients to Pilates after they have signed them off post-treatment. They recognise it as a safe and effective program to include as part of a patient’s recovery and as a way to continue improvements in strength and in their overall movement.

Bridging the Gap…

It’s time Pilates teachers have an opportunity to enhance their skill set to better bridge the gap with the therapists who are often sending their patients to Pilates for corrective exercise.

Those that have been teaching for a while are often familiar with the clients who turn up for their session with that little ‘niggle’ or ‘tweak’ which is interfering with their ease of movement.

These clients don’t always go straight to the doctor with these discomforts and often want to ‘work through’ them and hope they will go away. Often they are right, but as teachers, being able to evaluate them objectively at these early stages is crucial.

Pilates Therapists do not diagnose, nor suggest that they replace Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic treatment or medical treatment of any kind. However, they do have additional skills equipping them to support these practitioners when they are ready to refer them on for Pilates practice.

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