Stephanie Beeson and Bonnie Southgate

Stephanie and Bonnie met through training as Advanced Biomechanics Specialists . They both trained as dancers and were introduced to Pilates during that time. Bonnie had a successful career as a professional ballerina dancing with ABT in the USA before moving to the UK and joining the Royal Ballet. Stephanie stopped dancing at age 18 and moved to the UK after finishing her degree.

Both trained as comprehensive Pilates teachers and have studied with most of the training providers in the UK as well as the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC. They have over 37 years of teaching experience between them. Coming from movement backgrounds has given them both an instinctive understanding of how the body moves and what happens when it isn’t moving well.

They share an underlying passion for learning about how the body functions.

They have studied many different ways of assessing and dealing with muscular skeletal dysfunctions.

This includes: Study of experiential anatomy, Ideokinesis with Eric Franklin; Explain Pain with David Butler; Integrated Systems Method with Diane Lee; studied anatomy and biomechanics with Andre Vleeming; studied with Evan Osar and John Gibbons (osteopaths), Jo Abbot (biomechanist); Joanne Elphiston (JemsⓇ movement system). They have deepened their understanding of anatomy completing a full body dissection with Julian Baker (Functional Fascia).They are both qualified Sports Therapists, Neurokinetic TherapistsⓇ and BodyMaster Method PractitionersⓇ. In 2018 they completed the AiM Flow Motion Model course with Gary Ward. This year Stephanie completed the ISM series with the physiotherapist Diane Lee and Bonnie has trained as a level 5 Sports Therapist with the osteopath Mike Grice’s Movement Therapy Diploma course.