The shoulders module with Pilates Therapy delves deep into the joint surface anatomy and biomechanics of this very mobile joint structure.

In Pilates, we’re constantly asking our clients to lift their arms overhead, out to the side. They’re in constant use whether you’re on the mat or on the equipment – With such a vast available range of movement, dysfunction misalignment and compensation patterns can quickly develop.


This course aims to teach you all about the bones, joints, connective tissues, muscles, nerves and surrounding structures which can all affect our movement. We’ll also explore some common special conditions that you might typically see and how is best to help that client.

By using the evidence-based objective screens as well, you will easily be able to detect when movement is not optimal and then have the tools available in your toolbox to potentially help and deal with what you find!

The cost of this 1-day unit is £150 – Lifetime access to the student portal is included within this cost which means you can also watch previous recordings and always be able to access the latest PDF manuals from the Shoulders unit.

If you are enrolled in the Therapy Program, Mat Work Therapy Program, Equipment Therapy Program or Comprehensive Therapy Program, this module is included in the cost of your program.

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