In Pilates, we’re constantly asking our clients to lift their arms overhead, out to the side. They’re in constant use whether you’re on the mat or on the equipment.

With such a vast available range of movement, dysfunction misalignment and compensation patterns can quickly develop.


Over the course of this module, we explore:

Joint Surface Anatomy: We’ll look at the bony landmarks, ligaments, nerves, connective tissues and other soft tissue structures. 

Biomechanics: Then we will explore the movement patterns and biomechanics. Discussing what should happen and how to watch out for suboptimal movement mechanics. 

Muscles in Movement: By looking at the available ranges of movement, we then add on the muscles and explore which muscles help to make the movements.

Special Conditions: Next, we delve into some of the pathologies and conditions you are most likely to come across in your practice (impingement, bursitis, shoulder subluxations and dislocations) We explore these conditions in detail, as well as looking at potential causes but most importantly, what we can do to help. 

Objective Screens: Finally, we use evidence-based objective screens which highlight suboptimal biomechanics, asymmetries and also screens which let us know when it’s best to refer someone on.


If you’re a pilates teacher, yoga instructor, personal trainer or any type of movement practitioner, this module is not to be missed!

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