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And you are? Meeting of the course whore minds…

As many of you are looking at our blogs know, Pilates Therapy was the conception of not just one-course whore as we like to refer to ourselves, but two. Stephanie and I met on a course, and it wasn’t love at first sight, we both came from the Pilates world where there is always a lot of judgment of one another and a bit of “who knows best” which goes on in this world. We were pleased to have met one another and carried on with our course. In the end, we seemed to turn up to many of the same classes and then started to know the same circle of exciting practitioners who were also eager to learn. As time went on, we lost all judgment of one another and became firm like-minded friends excitedly planning our next learning experience together.

Pilates Therapists never stop attending those courses!

As there are so many great courses out there Stephanie and I are splitting up for part of our learning over the next year. This way we will have even more knowledge and information between us to share. I have recently started a two-year long course with Birmingham Movement Therapy clinic.  This course not only will advance the skills I already have in this area but will hopefully give me more insight into acute injury and the sports world. This course also incorporates a great deal on Pain Science by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley which I have touched on before and am eager to learn more about. It will also give me the potential to gain a degree in this area opening more learning doors in this area in the future.

But wait, there’s more.

This year holds an exciting two-day course with Diane Lee on the abdominal wall after pregnancy and diastasis rectus which I will be flying to New York for in October. This course will be on the latest research in this area and a culmination of years of research which she started in 2007. Last and by no means least, I will have the great privilege this year of being mentored by Jenny Cardew who was the first physio in the UK to qualify in Diane Lee’s Integrated Systems Method which by the way is the course Stephanie will be attending in full starting February 2019. I will let her tell you more about this course and what she is doing as it is inspiring.

This only means excellent benefits to all of those who join our courses.

For all of you who have just a little tendency towards the course whore lifestyle, I am arranging a weekend course with Jenny Cardew at my studio in Dorset next year with Diane Lee’s blessing so one not to miss. This course will only be open to Pilates Therapists or those Pilates teachers with a qualification which incorporates some manual therapy skills (get yourselves booked onto our Touch course which will enable you to join Jenny with us in Dorset).

Things I’ve learned.

One thing I have learned from attending so many courses is that the body and mind are complicated and the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know. Faced with people coming through your door hearing different stories and trying your best to give them what will make the most difference to them to help them on their journey of health or achieving their goals is a daunting task which is why I continue and will always keep learning.

What we are offering.

The courses Stephanie and I offer through Pilates Therapy Education have been influenced by all the learning and skills we have acquired over our combined professional careers as Pilates Therapists. The eight courses we are currently offering are only the start, we have ideas for many more drawing on the knowledge and skills we have acquired and integrated into our work with our clients.

So this is a little insight into what the Pilates Therapy founders are learning this coming year. Stephanie and I are hoping to attend a course together called Immaculate Dissection if we can fit it into our teaching and training schedules.

Happy learning!!

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