Pelvis, Hip and Spine

The Pelvis, Hip and Spine module explores the biomechanical principles related to the movements of the pelvis, hip and the spine, as well as the ribs! By discussing the different meanings and definitions of stability, our task-specific approach helps you to understand where mobility and stability cross over and work together. We’ll look at mechanics of the spine, how it should move and what we can do when we notice something not moving as well as perhaps it could.

We’ll also explore the inner core, and outer core muscles as well as core strengthening vs. core training. Our notorious exploration of layered joint surface anatomy will lead you into a deeper understanding of what’s required to make movements happen and define what’s optimal movement and what isn’t.


Our objective screens will allow you to evaluate alignment of the bones, if the alignment isn’t optimal, we’ll then have screens which might help you to understand why. Is it muscular or are we looking at something else holding that suboptimal positioning?

We’ll also discuss common pathologies and conditions which you might commonly see come into your studio or clinic – We’re here to help educate you on how these conditions can occur in our clients and whether we as Pilates Therapists can do something to help them!

The cost of this 2-day unit is £300 – Lifetime access to the student portal is included within this cost which means you can also watch previous recordings and always be able to access the latest PDF manuals from the Pelvis, Hip and Spine unit.

If you are enrolled in the Therapy Program, Mat Work Therapy Program, Equipment Therapy Program or Comprehensive Therapy Program, this module is included in the cost of your program.

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