Nerves and Neurodynamics

Our nervous system is an often-overlooked system when it comes to movement – Throughout all Pilates exercises, it’s not just the muscles that we’re having an effect on. The nervous system could be the very reason that someone feels ‘tight’ or restricted. In our nerves and neurodynamics module, we set out to explore the anatomy of the whole nervous system – We discuss the reflexes, myotomes, dermatomes, and all of the major nerves which can affect as well be affected during movement…we’ll also cover some information on the Vagus nerve too!

What’s more, we get physical! As movement specialists, it’s better to feel than to sit and learn, right? So get ready for a unique experience as throughout the day we’ll be attaching all of our major nerves onto our bodies, and in the afternoon, we’ll put you all to work (if you’re feeling up to it, of course!) in a mat work class where you can effectively mimic the impact of movement on the different nerves around your body!


Our Nerves and Neurodynamics module is a fun, practical and jam-packed 1-day course! Our most popular module by far and one that fills up the quickest! So if you’re interested and would like to book onto our next module, be sure to reserve your place below!

The cost of this 1-day unit is £150 – Lifetime access to the student portal is included within this cost which means you can also watch previous recordings and always be able to access the latest PDF manuals from the Nerves and Neurodynamics unit.

If you are enrolled in the Therapy Program, Mat Work Therapy Program, Equipment Therapy Program or Comprehensive Therapy Program, this module is included in the cost of your program.

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Our next Nerves and Neurodynamics course will be held in Nottingham this April.

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