Muscle Energy Techniques are a really helpful tool to have in your toolbox as a Pilates Therapist.

There are many techniques of METs which have their own individual benefits. We explore the science behind them, how they work and when you might use them.

These techniques are totally safe and can be applied to anywhere in the body – You can also send your clients home with these exercises as homework and have comfort in the knowledge that they are safe to carry these out.

We delve into the anatomy of the body and explore the origins, insertions and actions of the main muscles of the body. We also look at how tension or restriction can inhibit the range of motion and then we look at how an MET can be useful to you and your client.


Over the course of this module, we explore:

Anatomy: We start by exploring the origins, insertions and actions of the main muscles of the body. Having a good understanding of these locations makes using METs very easy and efficient for your client! 

How They Work: We take a look at the mechanisms involved in a Muscle Energy Technique and how that can help to make a difference to range of motion.

Techniques: Then we look at the various techniques of Muscle Energy Techniques, which each have their own benefits and purposes. We discuss why and when you may chose one technique over another. 

Getting Practical:  And finally, we put our theory into practice by performing the MET techniques on our own bodies. As movement practitioners, feeling a movement can really help to solidify the techniques as well as feeling the benefits!


f you’re a pilates teacher, yoga instructor, personal trainer or any type of movement practitioner, this module is not to be missed! Our MET module is the perfect way to provide your clients with a better and easier range of movement in class as well as in their everyday life!

For just £50, you will gain a 7-day pass to the footage of our Muscle Energy Techniques module. Please note, this is recorded footage from our Muscle Energy Techniques module which took place on 15 August 2020. 

If you’re looking for CPD or to further your knowledge, then this is the perfect place to start! All of the material provided on this module can be implemented into your classes right away!


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