So Covid-19 definitely threw us a curveball – Forcing us to find innovative ways of continuing to teach and help our clients…thank the universe for Zoom!

But on the flip side, it’s given a lot of us that well needed time to delve back into learning and perhaps embark on a few courses we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to commit to!

We’ve run almost all of our therapy modules online over lockdown and we’ve had an overwhelming response! We even managed to launch a brand new module…Hypermobility. 

If you’d like to access any of our recordings and continue to further your studies, now is your chance!

For a discounted fee of JUST £50 per module, you can gain 14-days of access, plus the written manual for the corresponding module.

Please note, as the Pelvis, Hip and Spine and Knee & Foot modules are 2-day courses, the fee for these are £100.