Mat Work Therapy Program

If you’re totally new to Pilates Teacher training and would like to learn the Mat Work then this is the course for you. We hold our Mat Work Therapy Program at two locations:- Dorset and Nottingham.

If you enrol at our Nottingham location, we hold 12 days of learning the mat work repertoire. Our Dorset location holds 1.5-hour sessions on a Wednesday evening. This runs as a continual slot so if you’d like to keep attending after you’ve learned the mat work, you can do so! We learn both the classical and contemporary methods to the Pilates Mat Work exercises, and over the course of your sessions, we aim to break the exercises down so that you’re able to modify any exercise for any client depending on their ability!

In addition to the mat work training, you’ll also be able to attend all 11 days of our therapy modules. These are usually held over weekends at both our Dorset and Nottingham locations, and dates are continually being added. Be sure to check our timetable for more details.

The Mat Work Therapy Program is like no other mat work training – we integrate the therapy aspect right into the exercises we teach – all in a bid to help facilitate greater and more efficient movement experience for your clients.


By joining the Mat Work Therapy Program, you are training to become qualified to teach mat work Pilates as well as becoming a Pilates Therapist. You are required to:

9 Therapy modules (Click here for full details of modules)
12 days of Mat Work Training or 1.5 hour weekly sessions in Dorset
400 Assisting Hours
100 Self Study Hours
One Case Study
One Practical Exam


The cost of the Mat Work Therapy Program is £2800.

We have payment plans available should you wish to pay in instalments.

Payments can be made via BACS or PayPal.

Certification and Benefits

Upon completion of this program, you’ll be a qualified Pilates Therapist and qualified to teach Pilates Mat Work

In addition to this, you’ll be enrolled as a member of our Student Portal – This provides you with endless hours of footage recorded from previous courses as well as the latest written manuals and the latest resources relating to each of the Therapy modules. You’ll also have access to the videos from the mat work sessions so you can revisit any exercise at any time. This is a lifetime subscription with no renewal fees!

*All fees are in GBP. Program schedule is subject to postponement or cancellation, based on student enrollment.