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How many of your clients have had an ankle sprain at some point in their life? There’s at least one in every group, right?

And what’s really interesting, is how ineffectively rehabbed these sprains are. A poorly rehabbed ankle sprain can really set the foundation for a whole host of issues down the line – Every sprain is different but when treated ineffectively, it can cause a chain reaction up the body and could lead to knee, hip, pelvis and back issues. Whilst we’re not saying that all pelvis and back issues come from the foot…there’s a fair few that can be thanked by that neglected ankle sprain!


Our goal on the Knee & Foot module is for you to experience the joint surface anatomy and really understand the biomechanics which can affect the movement up the chain. We’ll explore the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, circulatory as well as connective tissue system and discuss what optimal movement entails at both of these joints.

By using evidence-based, objective screens we can then accurately assess the biomechanics and optimal movement on each other. We’ll explore some common conditions and how you might help be able to help those people and most importantly screens which can let you know when it’s best to refer someone on.

The cost of this 2-day unit is £300 – Lifetime access to the student portal is included within this cost which means you can also watch previous recordings and always be able to access the latest PDF manuals from the Knee and Foot unit.

If you are enrolled in the Therapy Program, Mat Work Therapy Program, Equipment Therapy Program or Comprehensive Therapy Program, this module is included in the cost of your program.

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