Join us for the most comprehensive Hypermobility course available! We have so much material to offer on hypermobility, that we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one day!

So, we created a course that was split into 4 bite size sessions over 4 dates! 

In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering the recording of this module online at a cost of JUST £80 with the written notes included as standard!

This module is open to all practitioners – Whether you’re a pilates teacher, yoga instructor, sports therapist, personal trainer, osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist or even medics – there are no prerequisites! If you’re looking to help your hypermobile clients in your sessions, or if you’re a hypermobile yourself, then this is the course for you! 

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You might have heard the terms, ‘double-jointed’ or just ‘really, really flexible’ and a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily see that as a bad thing – They make fantastic gymnasts and beautiful ballerinas, right? Lucky them…or perhaps not.

So, what is hypermobility? Being ultra-flexible…? What if it’s more than that? What are the consequences of what some people might class as too much of a good thing? The answers are finally here!

In a nutshell, Bonnie Southgate (who has a diagnosis of hEDS herself) comes at this course with first-hand knowledge of living with a hypermobility syndrome.

Over the course of these 4 sessions, she will cover the differences between hypermobility and hypermobility syndromes, how you can recognise it, and screen for it. As well as what it means if someone has a syndrome, what causes it  how you help that person to deal with it and most importantly, helping them to exercise! 

Session 1

Learn what hypermobility is, what makes up a syndrome, explore the heritable disorders of the connective tissue including Marfan Syndrome, hEDS and HSD, as well as looking at an overview of the symptoms and the latest diagnostic criteria used by physicians.

Session 2

In our second session, we will explore all of the symptoms and comorbidities which affect HSD and hEDS, including but not limited to POTS, dysautonomia, exercise intolerance, anxiety and mast cell activation.  

Session 3

This penultimate session will see us taking considerations on how to approach exercise and hypermobility. We’ll explore how those with hEDS or HSD can exercise safely and how various techniques can really benefit your hypermobile clients. 

Session 4

We look at the specific of the effects of osteokinematics and arthrokinematics on your hypermobile clients, exploring specific exercises for hypermobile clients. As well as objective screening, and the most beneficial MET techniques for hypermobiles…it’s not all about gaining strength!

On our new Hypermobility module, Bonnie Southgate hosts what will be an eye-opening course into the difference hypermobility versus hypermobility syndrome, how to recognise it, and screen for it. As well as looking at the causes and most importantly how to deal with it.

Wow! I have just completed the first day of the online Spine, Pelvis and Hip workshop. It was amazing Bonnie answered questions that have been buzzing about in my head for years! She delivered in-depth material in an easy to understand way. My head is buzzing with information and I can’t wait till tomorrow!

“Fabulous online Shoulders course today. It really didn’t feel like a struggle to be on Zoom all day. The information was well presented and the adaptation to online teaching rather than in-person worked well. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for further online courses – thank you very much

Thank you so much Bonnie for your amazing experience & knowledge in your hip workshop today, it was so helpful & your amazing knowledge left me wanting to learn even more, so great to be able to connect online during these times. Look forward to learning more with you

“Thank you Bonnie for another great session. I love that every time I redo a module I take something new from it, not just because another penny drops, but because you are constantly expanding, reviewing and developing the material – and offering more nuggets of information. It just keeps evolving! Thank you. And we get to re-do for free! Looking forward to more sessions and more modules! Worth every penny.”



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