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Welcome to our Pilates Therapy blog!

Here we go, our first blog posting! Absolutely terrifying but doing it anyway.

Pilates Therapy was born out of the desire to offer therapy based professional development courses for Pilates teachers.

The universe arranged for a pair of American Pilates teachers (Bonnie Southgate and myself, Stephanie Beeson), to keep bumping into each other on courses. They got talking and discovered a shared passion for Pilates and an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge (a pair of course junkies).

The skills we were learning outside the Pilates world were being integrated into our teaching practice and we were getting amazing results with our clients.

I’ll admit it, at first I resisted, life was busy enough, I had more than enough clients to teach each week. Why would I want to take on anything else? Bonnie, on the other hand, had other ideas.

Teaching other teachers was something I missed from my days as a supervising teacher for Body Control Pilates around the turn of the century (sounds kind of cool seeing that in print but it is true, it was around 2000).

When Helge Fisher left Body Control Pilates I joined her in setting up the New Pilates School. Running a busy studio for a couple of years also kept me busy but I decided to slow life down and be there for the school run more often so I set up a studio at my home.

After that I had been teaching for around 10 years in my studio working with tricky clients often referred from local practitioners. The children had grown and the school run was no longer part of my schedule.

I had more time for clients and learning. This is when I first met Bonnie on a dissection day at Keele University and it was only a matter of time for Pilates Therapy to be conceived.

Pilates Therapy is our baby and was born out the desire to share assessment skills with other Pilates teachers.

We work with qualified Pilates teachers to help them develop a deeper understanding of anatomy and biomechanics as well as identify clients that should be referred on to qualified practitioners within the medical community.

Pilates is an amazing system. We believe the skills we are teaching help teachers that work with complex clients have the confidence to identify when to refer them on.  Having a better understanding of how to work with these clients when they return to Pilates is fundamental to what we do. Pilates is all about using the system so we can get on enjoying our lives with ‘spontaneous zest and pleasure’!

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