Bonnie here…

Hi! Last entry you heard a bit about how Stephanie and I met.

Just when she thought she was going to slow down she met me!

I have a similar back round to Stephanie in that I was born and raised in America. I became a professional Ballerina and danced with American ballet theatre and the Royal Ballet. My Pilates experience started during my dancing days in the 80’s. Like Stephanie I left America for the love of an English man and have remained ever since. I also mentored trainees like Stephanie, but for Scott Studio who was a training studio for the Pilates foundation and the Independent Pilates Teachers Association. So I was used to helping trainees through the rigorous process of becoming a Pilates teacher.

I worked many years in the Scott Studio but eventually set up my own studio in Poole Dorset first with in a chiropractic clinic followed by many years in a physiotherapy clinic where I was very kindly allowed to attend all of their CPD days. It was on one of these days my interest was sparked by a Biomechanist named Jo Abott. Everything she said made a lot of sense to me so I decided to train in biomechanics which opened up a whole new world of learning. As Stephanie said we then started to find ourselves attending the same courses and finding we could use our new knowledge to improve the way we approached our Pilates teaching practices.

As my knowledge became greater my referrals from all the physios, chiropractors, consultants etc also became greater to the point that I was working 12 hours a day without a break to try and fit in everyone. None of my clients were happy to see other teachers because they didn’t have the same results after their sessions. It was at this time I spoke to Stephanie about the possibility of developing a course to try and pass on essential elements of what we have learned to qualified Pilates teachers so I could share some of the load in my studio to the other teachers working with me. As the course developed it became clear there was a group of my clients who all wanted to be trained as Pilates Therapists right from scratch. This I am afraid was the end of Stephanie’s slowing down!

With the new skills attained by my teachers I have been able to open the Pilates Therapy centre in Ferndown Dorset. I now have a whole group of Pilates therapists who can take on any client with confidence.

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