Finding the Driver

So you’ve done all of the therapy modules – You know the joint surface anatomy of the foot, knee, hip, pelvis, spine and shoulder – you know your nerves and you’re a dab hand with your touch, massage, trigger pointing, METs and Kinesiotaping…But what about connecting those dots now?

We know this day as integration…it’s the stage where you know each of the puzzle pieces but it’s getting it all to come together and confidently use the adequate tools in your bright and shiny toolbox…

Throughout this day, we’ll go through example case studies known as OSCEs. We’ll collectively discuss the topics covered in an initial assessment of a client, noting their history, what they’ve presented with and then we’ll begin to explore the types of screens we might use to ascertain and find the driver of their dysfunction. We’ll explore how we would deal with what we found and then formulate exercises for this client using your Pilates Therapy knowledge and new tools.

There are no right or wrong answers on this module – It’s a practical day where we work together as a team to put this all together so you feel ready and confident to work with your own clients and apply this plethora of invaluable knowledge!


If you are booking onto the Putting it all together course as an individual module, the cost for this one-day course is £145.

If you are enrolled in the Therapy Program, Mat Work Therapy Program, Equipment Therapy Program or the Comprehensive Therapy Program, this module is included within the cost of your program.

Dates and Locations

In light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we have no available dates right now. As soon as the climate changes, we will update the diary and timetable.

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