Here you’ll find all of our recent blogs and videos on the feet! We cover all aspects of the foot including palpation points, bony landmarks and range of movement right the way through to objective screens which can be key for targeting specific muscles, ligaments or tendons to show weakness, injury or restriction.

Since Pilates is totally movement-orientated, we can easily pick up on when things perhaps aren’t moving optimally. These videos should be really helpful nuggets for you which you can start to use in your classes and in your 1:1’s – To view all of our videos, you can visit our YouTube channel and subscribe for all of the latest content – We’re constantly adding new content for our followers to engage with!

If we’ve grabbed your attention and you’d like to learn more about the foot, or you’re a Pilates Teacher looking to become a Pilates Therapist then we have a whole host of training modules available! Head on over to our Training page and find a course which suits you! We have comprehensive courses or if you prefer you can take our modular courses held over a weekend in 3 of our various UK based locations.