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Bridging the gap between Pilates and Therapy for Pilates Teachers

Pilates Therapy has been developed by us, Stephanie Beeson and Bonnie Southgate as we share a passion to integrate best-in-class new advances in body and movement understanding with classical pilates training.

More and more we see clients being sent to Pilates by their medical practitioner to deal with musculoskeletal issues and we recognise that many Pilates teachers are not fully equipped to address these issues but are outstanding at identifying faulty movement in their clients.

We want to create the exceptional Pilates Teachers of tomorrow by sharing our knowledge with smart, engaged teachers.

Pilates Therapy will develop teachers to have a better understanding of when to refer their clients on for professional medical consultations.


Our training combines:

Hands on basic massage and manual skills allowing you to integrate soft tissue releases into your clients sessions to improve the quality of their movement

Palpation skills so you can learn to identify important anatomical structures

Objective screens giving you the ability to assess your client objectively to clarify what is going on in their bodies –stop guessing!

Referral confidence, by providing you with greater knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the body so you can recognise when things have gone wrong and know when to refer your clients on.

Pilates Therapists do not diagnose, nor suggest that they replace Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic treatment or medical treatment of any kind. However, they do have additional skills equipping them to support these practitioners when they are ready to refer them on for Pilates practice.

Pilates Therapy offers a range of 9 courses as well as bridging and teacher training
Locations and Bookings
Locations and Bookings
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The Founders
The Founders
Read more about Stephanie Beeson and Bonnie Southgate, founders of Pilates Therapy