Hypermobility: Everything a Practitioner Needs to Know and More!
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Connecting the dots between integrated movement and therapies – making you a critical thinker.

In-depth biomechanics of joint surface anatomy exploring how the bones move and how they influence one another.

Muscles in movement and how the muscles fit into the anatomical picture.

Nerves and Neurodynamics exploring the importance of nerves, and the impact of the nervous system on every aspect of movement and therapies.

Objective screens giving you the ability to assess your client objectively to clarify what is going on in their bodies –stop guessing!

Hands-on palpation, basic massage and manual therapy techniques allowing you to integrate soft tissue releases into your clients sessions to improve the quality of their movement.

Finding the drivers of dysfunction understanding how to use your integrated movement therapy skills to address what you find.


Missed out on our online modules? No worries.

We recorded all of the modules we held online during Covid-19 lockdown and they’re available for you to watch for 7-days for JUST £50*

So if you weren’t able to attend on the day, or you’d like to refresh on what we covered, now is your chance!

(£50 per module day, this does not include the Pelvis, Hip and Spine and Knee and Foot modules. As these are 2-day courses, the cost for access to these recordings is £100)